History & Etiquette

March 2013, under the teaching of Master Instructor Stephen “Snoopy” King from Chicago, I expressed to Snoop my goals for Classes Tuesday and Thursdaygrowing the dance in Dallas and wanting to Compete in the 2013 Worlds Largest Stepping Contest as well as teaching beginners basic.

Snoop developed a program of fundamentals for the beginners and we worked hard to learn. As a result of our hard work, we
won the World’s Largest Stepping Contest in the beginner’s category September 2013.  We started our first beginner’s class in March 2014. Ebb & flow will continue to practice the fundamental principles of Steppin as taught by Snoopy King. We hold ourselves to high standards, to stay true to the dance and give a productive environment for our students. Ebb and Flow strives to continue our education through traveling and attending workshops and privates on class structure in the dance, from Master Instructors that visit the DFW area. You can be confident that Ebb & Flow will provide a fun and relaxing atmosphere!!

Chicago Style Steppin

“Steppin’ (stepping) — a social dance done in time to music that occurs on a steady recognizable ‘downbeat’. The ability to take
steps to the downbeat and still come back in time with your partner is widely accepted as steppin. The smooth gracefulness of the dance is also a characteristic of the dance. The dance includes a lead and follow position and thus to be well executed requires physical interaction between the individuals. Various turn patterns, footwork and pulls are all inclusive elements of the dance.” National Association of Steppers Advisory Board www.nsaab.org © 2007.


“”When dancing with a lady for the first time, be gentle with her. Don’t try too many moves until you’re sure she can handle
them. If it’s hot, don’t keep dancing record after record; give her and yourself a break. You don’t want to ruin her hair, or get either of you too sweaty.

When the floor is crowded, keep it tight, and don’t try too many super turns, because there’s not enough room for that. Everyone wants to be seen on the edge of the dance floor, but let the walkers get by.
Gentlemen … Pay Attention:
1. Look at how the lady you choose to dance with is dressed and also how her hair is done. If she has on a short dress or skirt, handle her with care when turning her or when walking with her in your arms.  Those short skirts and dresses slide up easily and you don’t want your partners under garments to show. (Ladies please wear the proper under garments)
2.  When you ask a lady to dance, show respect and walk her back to the table after you end the dance.
3.  Don’t snatch the lady around roughly when dancing with her.  She will enjoy it better if she doesn’t feel beat up after the dance is over.
4.  When dancing, stay in your lane and don’t bump your partner into other people.
5.  Watch your turns so you don’t knock the lady in the head and mess up her hair.
6.  If a lady turns down your offer to dance, don’t disrespect her for making that choice.  There may be reasons she doesn’t want to dance and it may not be about you.
Ladies … Pay Attention:
1. Watch out when you have on a lot of dark lipstick. When kissing people you should “air kiss” so they won’t have the lip print on their faces. If you kiss another lady on the face you may be messing up her makeup.
2. Watch out not to get lipstick and makeup on the man’s clothing and mess up their jacket or shirt.
3.  Careful of your high heels. They hurt and can injure other dancers’ feet when you step on them.
4.  Ladies if you don’t want to dance with someone at least say “No Thank You” or maybe say “Maybe Later Please”. Then he doesn’t feel so rejected and you don’t get disrespected.