Welcome to Ebb & Flow, the source for your introduction to the fundamental principles of Chicago Style Steppin. Steppin is easier to learn than most people think. As instructors, we pay precise attention to you and we are extremely goal oriented to logo512x512make sure your basic steps are learned so that you will feel comfortable on the floor. We want to turn your passion for learning the dance into a fun and rewarding dance experience, as we teach you the basics of steppin. We offer an affordable class not lacking in quality of instruction. Our dance curriculum covers the basic moves of Chicago Style Steppin. Our basics are inspired by one of the best Master Instructors from Chicago, Snoopy King. In our class, we focus on the “basic fundamental” steps of Chicago Style Steppin, along with proper hand signals to ensure a sound dance.

Dancing has been proven to benefit your health, confidence, self expression and over all sense of relaxation. We have a family atmosphere and we develop a natural fun place for you to truly learn to lead or follow your dance partner. Dancing is also an ideal activity to foster social connections. You will meet people from all backgrounds, and professions with a common interest..dancing!   This dance we call Steppin, offer endless opportunities for friendships and business networking.

Come enjoy our friendly, family atmosphere. Learn at your own pace. Complimentary water, mints and other treats provided. WALK IN-STEP OUT. SEE YOU ON THE WOOD!

Contest March 11, 2017